Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Next Adventure in My Life

So its been awhile since I last posted....honestly I did not think I would blog again but we have some exciting news that I figured was worth sharing in a blog journey. We are pregnant! At this point we are just about 13 weeks and therefore the terrible nausea and crankiness that I experienced in the 1st trimester has waned...sort of. So, what better way to kick off the next 6 months than with some blog action.

First things first, lets look at the little peanut. Below is a 12 1/2 week ultrasound pic. Now the first thing you may say is whoa, that baby has a huge head! Well, that's what I said anyway, but rest assured the doctor told me it was normal and nothing to worry about...phew! According to our baby is about the size of a lime and is learning reflexes this crazy is that! Also, the intestines have grown so fast that they currently protrude into the umbilical cord...gross. Ok, enough

Things are going well. We've "turned the corner" so to speak and now my days are filled with eating, sleeping, eating and well eating. Its really amazing that something so small demands so much extra food. Just the other day my Dr. asked "So, are you eating small frequent meals like we talked about?" To which I replied "Yes, I'm eating LARGE frequent meals all the time" :)

This week we visited our first daycare facility....holy cow, daycare. That is a whole other world. We loved the place, but seriously nothing is more of a wake up call about becoming a parent than walking into a daycare with a 100 screaming soon as we walked in, Josh smiled nervously and said a bit shakily "they are so cute". I could tell what he really wanted to say was "holy crap, what have we done!".

Next week I'm traveling for work...should be interesting packing 17 meals along with me to ensure I don't starve to death.