Tuesday, June 28, 2011

12 Weeks!

12 weeks...I can't believe it. Tomorrow our baby boy will be 12 weeks old! I know I've been on a hiatus recently. Honestly it has taken me the whole 12 weeks to really get a hang of this mommy thing. Liam and I are finally at a point where we both have each other pretty well figured out and things are really starting to get fun :) (I also needed a push from my friend Caroline to get me blogging again). I thought it only appropriate to begin the "Liam" blogging by giving you all an update on where he is developmentally at this point.

- Smiles all the time at mommy and daddy as well as those who make an effort to smile really big at him.

- Coos and "talks" to people, his jitterbug, his monkey, his fishy mobile and of course his beloved octopus

- Rolls over from tummy to back

- Wakes up once in the night but keeps pushing the envelope on his wake time so hopefully "sleeping through the night" is right around the corner :)

- Loves his infant seat, his activity gym, rocking on the porch, walking in the baby bjorn and watching sports center with daddy (i know he isn't really supposed to watch TV, but I figure a few minutes snuggling with his dad each day can't hurt)

- His new found love is his hands. Can't get enough of staring at them, using them to bat his toys and sucking on them

- Lifts his legs off the ground when laying down and can ALMOST reach his feet with his hands

- A laid back boy who loves constant movement and can be a little overly dramatic when he doesn't get his food fast enough :)

With all this progress lately, mommy and daddy are having a blast. It is such a joy to see all the milestones and to get to know our big boy a little more each day.

Here's a couple of videos of Liam rolling over and playing in the activity gym.