Thursday, June 28, 2012

Botanical Gardens

Nona and Captain were in town this weekend and we had a blast.  Saturday we headed out to the botanical gardens and spent all morning walking around and exploring the children's garden.  To say Liam had fun is an understatement.  He walked all over those gardens laughing and exploring and couldn't get enough.  After a quick lunch in the cafe, we headed back home around 12:30 for a big nap.    It's so nice to have this right in our backyard and I fully plan on going often!

Nona and Captain

Liam squealed when we walked behind this water fountain

Love the plaid short boys

Captain teaching Liam all about fish

Slide fun


Monday, June 18, 2012

Splash Ground Heaven

We have the best playground ever near us that we only just discovered a couple months ago.  It's a brand new project that is part of the new belt line plan in Atlanta.  Basically they built this HUGE playground with lots of cool, funky play areas all built on recycled tires (for extra cushiness).  In addition to that, it is right next to a pretty pond with lots of green space.  At the top of the playground there is a water (splash ground) area with lots of shooting fountains and water buckets that fall over when they fill up with water.  It truly is heaven for a kid.  They even have brand new public restrooms which is an added perk.  After our discovery of this park, we have been at least a dozen times.  Liam loves it.  He loves playing in the water at first, but he gets most excited about the amazing playground and all the cool things it has to offer.  A couple of times we have brought a picnic and had lunch over there as well.  Just a few weekends ago, we met some of the kids from Liam's daycare class and their parents for some coffee, bagels and playtime.  

Dada and Liam checking out the water

Enjoying some bagels on the steps.  Quinn is to the left of Liam and I love how he is just laid back chilling in this picture

Quinn, Liam and Elise

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tough Week

It's been a tough week in the Murphy household.  It started when we got the call last Friday that Liam had fallen at school and busted his eye pretty badly.  I wasn't sure what to expect but when I picked him up his eye was swollen and cut and not pretty.  Fast forward a couple days and a Dr. visit confirmed that Liam also has hand, foot, mouth...AGAIN!  This virus is just nasty.  It makes him so uncomfortable and he just fusses all day and all night.  He finally seemed to be doing a little better on Tuesday and while he was walking around the house, he flipped over the bottom rung of our barstool and smashed his face into the ground.  Blood was everywhere and for about 5 minutes we could not figure out where the blood was coming from (tooth, tongue, lip, etc)  Once we were able to clear it out enough we noticed that his upper lip was split wide open.  It was horrifying.  Of course he was screaming and would not let us put ice on it, so we just watched as it ballooned up.  We finally got the bright idea to give him some popsicles, so off Josh went to Kroger at 7:30AM with blood stained on his shirt to get two boxes of popsicles.....they must have thought he was CRAZY.  Now, today, Liam has woken up with a mass on his cheek.  I noticed it a couple days ago and thought it was just the rash that he gets at the end of hand, foot, mouth.  Unfortunately today it is much bigger, raised and hard.  Now I'm leaning towards an infected bug bite.  Oi vey!  I have another Dr. apt at 3:15 today to get it checked out.  Our poor poor guy has has such a miserable week (which also equates to miserable parents, I might add).  I'm just hoping this was a week we can erase off the books and hopefully this weekend brings better fortune to Liam and our household!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Walking

Here are a couple more....