Friday, December 14, 2012

Watching Our Morning Cartoons

Love this photo from this morning.  Everyone is so relaxed :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Little Singer

Here are a couple videos of Liam doing his rendition of "Row Row Your Boat" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep".  He LOVES to sing and we constantly catch him singing these songs under his breath.  Be sure to turn up your volume!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mountain Bliss

Josh and I just got back from our little getaway this past week and it was fabulous.  I was definitely a little anxious about leaving as we have only left Liam overnight a handful of times and it never gets easier.  I will say that Liam is so in love with his Nona and Cap Cap right now that I knew he would be fine, so that helped ease my anxiety quite a bit.

For 3 whole days, Josh and I: slept in, took naps, got pampered at the spa, took hikes, read books, watched movies, had fabulous dinners, read the paper at breakfast and just CHILLED OUT.


Of course by our last day I was missing our little guy like crazy, so even though I was bummed to leave, I was equally anxious to get home.  Liam was VERY excited to see us and for the first hour was so hyped up about was really cute. After about an hour though, the excitement had worn off and we had a little bit of a rough evening getting him back in the swing of things and the rules that mommy and daddy make him follow.  I think he was very much liking the rule-free house that Nona and Cap Cap gave him :)  It only took a couple days though and he is now pretty much back into the swing of how things work at home.

We can't thank Nona and Cap Cap enough for letting us take this much needed trip.  Crazy to think that the next time they will be in town will be for the birth of our baby girl!

Dinner night 1

Sunset Rock Hike - as easy as this hike was NOT that easy at almost 8 months pregnant!

The hubs

Gorgeous view...wish it wasn't so dark

Love, love this pic (even if it is dark)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dancing Fool

Our little guy is obsessed with dancing.  His only problem...he only has ONE move.  It's so freaking cute though.  Here's a morning dance session to one of his videos.  Love when he notices daddy with the camera and says "cheese"


I know I have been sort of MIA lately.  Honestly I'm trying to decide if I want to continue with this blog.  Life has become a little crazier lately with a toddler and getting ready for baby girl, and I honestly am not sure I have the time to keep up.  For now, I'm going to keep up with any important blogs but don't be surprised if that slowly trickles off as well :) Who knows, maybe after baby is born I'll have a resurgence of energy and will get this blog back on track.

As I mentioned our house has been CRAZY lately.  First of all we have been dog sitting like mad which only ads to the mix.  First we watched our friends 8 year old chocolate lab for a few days and now we are watching my sister's 5 month old golden doodle puppy.  Yep, that's right.  We have a full on puppy at our house at the moment.  Ever since they got her (Cricket) Liam has been pretty scared of her given her playfulness and nipping, so to say I was worried about this week of dog sitting was an understatement.  Luckily I have been more than pleasantly surprised.  To my shock and awe, Liam has done a 180 and is now obsessed with "Cridget" as he calls her.  She is the first thing he asks about when he wakes up and the last thing he talks about when he goes to bed.  He giggles at her all day long and loves to give her and "Pahyee" (or Polly to most) kisses.  Just from the little interaction we have had with her, I can tell she is going to be a great lifelong pet for my sister's family!  Here are a couple of cute pics.

So, on top of dog sitting, we also had a "moving day" this weekend.  With this new baby our house had to change to accommodate all our needs.  Soooo, out went the dining room (honestly I think we have used it 4 times since we moved here), in went a huge new playroom for Liam and soon to be baby girl, AND Josh's office moved from upstairs to the basement so that baby girl's room can be upstairs with us.  The playroom is done (see pics below) but the soon to be nursery is still a disaster area so will be a few weeks before I post anything on that.  Liam is obsessed with the new playroom.  I'm so happy we made this decision.  He plays in there ALL the time and gets very excited to see it every morning.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea

Drawing on his easel from Auntie Mar that we were finally able to put up

Hard to believe that in just 2 short weeks we will be in our 3rd trimester.  Time is FLYING!  Looking forward to meeting my baby girl, but have a lot to get done before we are ready for her :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bring On The Pink!

We are having a girl!  I can't believe it and am still sort of in shock.  I will say that when we went for our 12 week testing a while back, they told us they THOUGHT it was a girl but they weren't 100% sure.  Then yesterday at our 21 week ultrasound the tech told us that she sees a lot of patients that are told that at their 12 week and then it turns out to be the other sex.  Soooo, before we even started I was convinced all over again we were having a boy.  Of course she proceeds to do the entire ultrasound first and then saves the gender for the very end.  Everything looked great and more than anything, we are most thankful that we are having a healthy baby.

As for the gender, we are just thrilled beyond measure to have one of each as this is more than likely our last.  In addition, I know that my mom was rooting for a girl because she has always wanted one of her own daughters to have a girl.  All these years she has saved knitted sweaters and booties, etc, that her grandmother had made and I can't tell you how excited I am to go through all those items with her and share in that special memory.  I also know my mother-in-law who only had one child is ecstatic to have a girl to shop for and play with.  All around it was meant to be and everyone is anxious to meet her in late January/early February.

Last time around we waited to find out the sex of our baby and it was a very exciting moment for Josh to be able to announce our baby and our sex all at the same time to our family.  So this time around, I wanted to do something special for the announcement rather than just calling my family on the phone.  Obviously we would have loved to do the same thing for Josh's family but seeing as they are in New Jersey it just wasn't possible.  So, I decided to have my family over for dinner last night and depending on what the sex was, I was either going to wrap up a little boy outfit or a little girl outfit and have my mom open it.  Below is a small snip-it of the video I took.  My Aunt Nancy also happened to be visiting so she is the one sitting next to my mom.  It was a great moment! (oh and the cute puppy in the window is my sister's new cute is she!  Obviously she wanted in on the action too)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Balloon Crazed

This video pretty much speaks for itself.  Liam is infatuated with balloons.  He gets one every time we go to Publix or "stoooore" (aka store) as he calls it and that probably explains why going to the store is one of his favorite things to do.

The other day on the way home he started going nuts in the backseat and I could not stop laughing.  I finally came to a red light and as I was stopping was able to convince him to do it one more time.  Talk about energy!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Kicks and Cravings

I haven't really posted much about my pregnancy lately, so thought I would take some time to share a few things.  I officially started feeling the baby last week.  It is still pretty subtle and I know in a few weeks it will be full on punches and blows, so I'm really enjoying these small little nudges.  I forgot how awesome it is to feel your baby for the first time.  You go from having this bump with no association, to really realizing that your child is growing inside of you and the feeling is beyond anything I can describe.  Most recently I feel the little kicks after I eat a meal and I look forward to it every time...just can't get enough.  We are 17 weeks and some change today, so only 3 more weeks and we will know whether this little being kicking me is a boy or a girl.  So excited!

In other baby news, I've noticed some things that are just flat out different this time around:

  • Cravings.  I never really had a specific one with Liam.  I mean, I'll always have the chick-fil-a and fries craving, but thats more of a "i can't wait to have that" craving, than a "I HAVE to have that" craving.  This time around has been different. I absolutely have to have, can't live without.....OLIVES.  I've never ordered olives at a restaurant and I've never gone to whole foods and gotten a container of olives, and in the past 2 weeks I have done both.  Twice.  
  • So.Much.More.Tired - at the end of the day, after I put Liam to bed, it is all I can do to eat my dinner before I fall asleep.  I definitely feel better in the 2nd trimester, but I'm still flat out exhausted at the end of each day and I know it's because this time around I have a crazy toddler who is into EVERYTHING vs. coming home from work and relaxing on the couch.  Funny to think I thought I had it rough last time around...ha.  I guess its all relative!
  • Time is flying - I remember feeling like I was counting the hours (not just weeks) with Liam.  And no matter what, everything felt like it was moving so slow.  This time I around I can't even keep up.  One week I'm 11 weeks and the next I'm 17.  I swear it is in fast forward this time.  What's funny is, I'm in no rush on this one.  We need Liam to be a little older and a little more mature once baby comes, so I'm more than happy for it to take its sweet time in the oven :)
  • Not as much pain (yet) - In general, I haven't had as much body aches and pains as the first time. Hardly any round ligament pain, not a lot of cramping, no pain behind my belly button, etc.  Maybe its because my body has already stretched to the limits, so its easily going back to where it once was?  Not sure, but whatever it is, I'll take it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nona & Pop Pop

Last weekend, Josh, Liam and I went up to Virginia to visit Josh's grandparents.  Josh's parents met us there as well, and we had a great little weekend of visiting, shopping, "mimming", etc.  Before the trip, I had been showing pictures of Josh's grandparents (Nona and Pop Pop) to Liam and saying their names over and over in hopes that he would say them back.  Well, low and behold it worked and before we even left I was able to snap this little video and send it their way to show them that Liam was very excited to see them....

In other news, we have had a rough couple of days (actually couple of weeks) in our house.  Liam has basically been battling ear infections since early July.  This latest one puts us at number 6 since December.  Sadly, this one was not resolved by the oral antibiotic meaning that Liam's body doesn't even react to that medicine anymore since he has had it so much so often.  Sooo, our only other option to get rid of these was to get a shot of Rocephin, which is an intramuscular antibiotic that is pretty powerful and usually jumps starts things quickly (according to my doc anyway..I'm not the expert here).  The bad part was that if it didn't heal the ears entirely after one round of shots, we had to go back the next day (and sadly the next) to get 2 more rounds of shots.  We finally finished the last round this morning and I could not be happier!  I think I had more anxiety over it than Liam did.  After this last round of craziness, our Dr did tell us to go ahead and schedule an appointment with an ENT about possibly getting tubes for Liam.  I think its about time and honestly I'm pretty ready for them at this point.

Oh and in other news, Liam's daycare forgot to put bugspray on him yesterday and he came home with 6 mosquito bites that turned into welts over night....awesome.

On the bright side, at least the shots are done and the welts should subside over the next few days so we will be hopefully be on our way to bigger and better things :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Video Dump

Had a couple cute videos that I wanted to post.  Nothing too special happening here, just liked seeing Liam in his element...

Playing with Bubbles

FINALLY learned how to go DOWN the stairs on his own.  Took him long enough!

Here is a little glimpse into our mornings.  This is usually the noise we wake up to every morning.  If you have to wake up early, this is not a bad way to do it :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Beach Trip 2012

We had a great time in Hilton Head this year.  For the first time in a long time my entire family and their families all went to the beach together.  That means there were 14 of us (my sister/Brian and her  3 boys, my brother/Angie and their 2 kids, myself/Josh and Liam and my mom and dad) all in a 4 bedroom condo.  To say it was a bit tight and chaotic is an understatement but it made for a great time.  Liam absolutely LOVED playing with his cousins and especially thought Casey (my sister's youngest who is 6) was the best.  In fact, he barely slept the entire week because I think he was just so excited to get up each morning and play.  Little did he know that they wouldn't wake up for another 2 hours or so.

Aside from playing in the condo, we pretty much went to the beach every morning until around 12:30 at which point we headed up for bath and nap time.  Josh would then relax in the condo while Liam napped and I took FULL advantage of the quite time by reading on the beach (my favorite thing to do in the whole world).  After Liam's nap we would either hit the pool or head back to the beach until around 5ish.  Liam was a little touch and go the whole time but all in all a good sport.  I think he is just at that age where sounds and new experiences are pretty scary to him, so sometimes he would love the sand/beach and sometimes he was just not having it.  He was especially unsure of the texture of the sand.  He absolutely had to wear shoes on the sand or he would throw a fit and every now and then when he was covered in it he would lose it.  On the other hand, "miming" in the ocean and the pool were his favorites.  He loved swimming in the ocean with Josh and jumping the waves with him.  He would just yell and squeal in delight every time.

We are headed back to the beach in September, this time with Josh's parents, and we are absolutely looking forward to it.  Especially now that we have an idea of Liam's likes/dislikes, we can be a little more prepared.

Our family shot.  This was my mom's nifty beach wheel chair that we rented for the week.  It was amazing and worked really well.  We thought the wheels were hilarious and just had to all get a picture around it.

LOVE love this picture of my mom.  She looks so happy and relaxed here.

Playing in the sand

(Excuse my growing belly which thankfully is mostly covered)  Liam and his cousin Merritt (2) playing in the sand.

Daddy and Liam in the ocean

Twins.  We may not look alike, but we are pretty much inseperable

Liam pretty much had a PB&J on the beach every day for lunch

Being goofy with Daddy's sunglasses

Heading out to the waves

Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Newest Nugget

Since all of you who read this blog also are my friends on Facebook, you are all fully aware that I'm pregnant with baby Murph #2.  I was waiting to blog about my adventures of being pregnant while also handling a toddler until the news was FB official.

First things first, lets start off with a picture of little nug #2.  These were taken at our 12.5 week genetic testing.  Everything turned out in the clear so we are thankful for that.  We were lucky and got an extra long ultrasound because they were having a hard time getting a good angle.  Its funny because I wondered how I would feel the second time around and honestly it is the EXACT same aww and excitement as it was with Liam.  It truly is a miracle what the body can do.

 (Notice the complete 180 the baby did all within the same ultrasound)

Any way, enough of that.  Being pregnant with Liam has been tough!  Thankfully I'm almost 14 weeks and my sickness/naseua/yuckiness/tiredness is all waning.  In fact I haven't been going to bed until 9:30 or 10:00 lately which is huge for me.  Since Liam gets up at 7, I was having to go to bed at 8:30PM to get the sleep my body was craving.  In addition, I was way more sick with this one than I ever was with Liam.  In fact I even threw up a few times which was new to me.  Needless to say its been a rough 8 weeks or so.  HOWEVER, the tides are turning.  I'm starting to get some more pep in my step and I'm getting excited because the 2nd trimester is the best!  I remember feeling awesome the last time around and having unlimited energy.  I also remember feeling the first baby movements which I'm anxiously awaiting this time around.  Unless something unexpected happens, this will be the last baby for me and Josh so I'm going to do my best to really enjoy the pregnancy from here on out (fingers crossed).

Jumping in the fake pool

We just got back from the beach this past Saturday and Liam still has one thing on his mind..."mimming" also known as "swimming".  One of his favorite things to do at the beach was run and fall into the tide pool where Daddy would catch him.  Well yesterday,while sitting at home, Liam decided to recreate this fun activity but rather than a pool, he would dive into daddy's arms.  It was cute.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

15 months

Liam turned 15 months last Friday so I thought  I would provide you all with a little update.  We had our well check-up on Wednesday and everything looks great.  Liam weighs 24 lbs and is a little on the short side as he is only in the 33% for height.  My sister and I were just talking yesterday about how much her son Sean and Liam look alike in Sean's baby pictures (he is now 11).  And, Sean was always on the shorter side, so its no surprise that Liam is too.  One thing that was discussed at Liam's apt was the possibility of tubes.  He has had numerous ear infections and sinus infections, so the Dr told us we are at the point that if he has roughly 2 more within the next 3-6 months, we should go forward with it. Honestly, I've heard nothing but great things from those whose kids got them, so I'm not worried about that in the slightest.  In fact, I think it would be a good thing as he wouldn't have to be on antibiotics all the time.  The next step is to just wait and see.  

At 15 months, Liam is
  • Walking great.  Started walking a little over a month ago so he is pretty darn sturdy at this point.  No running yet, but he has tried "speed walking" to get away from me many times :)
  • INTO.EVERY.THING!  Seriously.  You can not turn your head for 2 seconds without him exploring something new and most times it is the things that are off limits.  We just started enforcing time out recently, so we will see how that goes over the next few months
  • Throws little fits here and there if a) he is tired b) he is hungry or c) we don't let him play with something that he really wants.  Most the time they last all of 5 seconds but boy are they dramatic
  • Has 4 bottom teeth, 3 top teeth and is about to cut his 4th upper tooth any day now
  • Sleeping from about 7/7:30 - 6:30, sometimes 7
  • Takes 1 nap at daycare / 1 morning catnap and 1 long afternoon nap at home
  • Still shovels food in his mouth, but not really swallowing much.  Our Dr. said it is pretty common for some kids to wait until they have their molars and can really grind things up.  He told us he really doesn't think Liam needs therapy and to go ahead and stop it and see how he is doing by 18 mo. (fingers crossed)
  • ALL about momma.  Constantly asks for "momma" and will say it repeatedly 50 times a day.  If "dada" goes to get him in the morning I can hear him on the monitor say "momma? momma? momma?"  I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty darn cute.
  • Has roughly 8 words: momma, dada, ball, uh oh, bye bye, shoes, ba ba (which is his own word for his blankie), all done, wawa (water) and he still signs for milk but doesn't say the word yet.  He attempts to imitate almost everything we say (swear words are stopping at our house now), but these words above are the ones he knows without us telling him first.
  • NOT into babysitters.  This just started about a month ago.  He is very aware now and a) knows that if mom and dad are dressed up past 7PM then something is up and b) will start bawling as soon as the door bell rings and the sitter walks in.  I know it's just a phase, but I'm ready for this one to be over!
  • Is still all around a laid back, easy going kid.  As long as he gets the sleep and food he needs, then he is pretty happy all the time. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

We are eating....sort of

So we had a break through in the Murphy house last week.  Liam ate table food!  As most of you know, Liam would eat purees all day long, but the second we would offer him table food, he would put it in his mouth, chew around and then spit it out.  He just WOULD.NOT.SWALLOW.  This has been going on for quite some time, so I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when I offered him his usual ravioli and peaches for dinner one evening and he swallowed them.  Both!  And he proceeded to eat a lot of them.  Fast forward to the next morning, I gave him peanut butter toast and he ate the whole thing.  Did not even want his baby food.  Since then we have eaten pancakes, vienna sausages, anything with peanut butter on it and goldfish.  There are still things he will spit out, so we are unfortunately not 100% off baby food, but I think we are on our way.  I've always figured it would happen eventually, but at the same time have gotten so used to him just eating purees, that I am utterly still in shock.  Fingers crossed we keep progressing and can stop these baby foods all together within the next few months!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Botanical Gardens

Nona and Captain were in town this weekend and we had a blast.  Saturday we headed out to the botanical gardens and spent all morning walking around and exploring the children's garden.  To say Liam had fun is an understatement.  He walked all over those gardens laughing and exploring and couldn't get enough.  After a quick lunch in the cafe, we headed back home around 12:30 for a big nap.    It's so nice to have this right in our backyard and I fully plan on going often!

Nona and Captain

Liam squealed when we walked behind this water fountain

Love the plaid short boys

Captain teaching Liam all about fish

Slide fun


Monday, June 18, 2012

Splash Ground Heaven

We have the best playground ever near us that we only just discovered a couple months ago.  It's a brand new project that is part of the new belt line plan in Atlanta.  Basically they built this HUGE playground with lots of cool, funky play areas all built on recycled tires (for extra cushiness).  In addition to that, it is right next to a pretty pond with lots of green space.  At the top of the playground there is a water (splash ground) area with lots of shooting fountains and water buckets that fall over when they fill up with water.  It truly is heaven for a kid.  They even have brand new public restrooms which is an added perk.  After our discovery of this park, we have been at least a dozen times.  Liam loves it.  He loves playing in the water at first, but he gets most excited about the amazing playground and all the cool things it has to offer.  A couple of times we have brought a picnic and had lunch over there as well.  Just a few weekends ago, we met some of the kids from Liam's daycare class and their parents for some coffee, bagels and playtime.  

Dada and Liam checking out the water

Enjoying some bagels on the steps.  Quinn is to the left of Liam and I love how he is just laid back chilling in this picture

Quinn, Liam and Elise

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tough Week

It's been a tough week in the Murphy household.  It started when we got the call last Friday that Liam had fallen at school and busted his eye pretty badly.  I wasn't sure what to expect but when I picked him up his eye was swollen and cut and not pretty.  Fast forward a couple days and a Dr. visit confirmed that Liam also has hand, foot, mouth...AGAIN!  This virus is just nasty.  It makes him so uncomfortable and he just fusses all day and all night.  He finally seemed to be doing a little better on Tuesday and while he was walking around the house, he flipped over the bottom rung of our barstool and smashed his face into the ground.  Blood was everywhere and for about 5 minutes we could not figure out where the blood was coming from (tooth, tongue, lip, etc)  Once we were able to clear it out enough we noticed that his upper lip was split wide open.  It was horrifying.  Of course he was screaming and would not let us put ice on it, so we just watched as it ballooned up.  We finally got the bright idea to give him some popsicles, so off Josh went to Kroger at 7:30AM with blood stained on his shirt to get two boxes of popsicles.....they must have thought he was CRAZY.  Now, today, Liam has woken up with a mass on his cheek.  I noticed it a couple days ago and thought it was just the rash that he gets at the end of hand, foot, mouth.  Unfortunately today it is much bigger, raised and hard.  Now I'm leaning towards an infected bug bite.  Oi vey!  I have another Dr. apt at 3:15 today to get it checked out.  Our poor poor guy has has such a miserable week (which also equates to miserable parents, I might add).  I'm just hoping this was a week we can erase off the books and hopefully this weekend brings better fortune to Liam and our household!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Walking

Here are a couple more....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Beginner Walker

Liam can walk!  No, it is still not his preferred method of getting around (that would be crawling), but if he wants something and is within a 10 step range of it, he will walk to it.  As I mentioned, he started taking steps a few weeks ago, but the walking really picked up this week.  He is becoming much more steady and can take about 8-10 steps before falling.  They told us at school that once he started in the one's room it probably wouldn't be long before he started walking and it looks like they were dead on.  We go to the beach the end of July and I'm now VERY hopeful that he will be full on walking by then.  For some reason I think that Liam will enjoy the sand 10 times more if he is walking rather than crawling.  He is not crazy about anything textured so I just know that sand is going to weird him out at first.

Here are 2 little clips of us attempting to get his newfound walking on tape.  Of course the second we turn on the camera, he decides to cut way back on his walking skills, but at least you get a little bit of an idea....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Day Of Infants Room Party (Photo dump)

Liam and "Dada" relaxing at the party

Liam loving on his FAVORITE teacher, Ms. Marjorie

Pizza Party

Watching Quinn's dance moves

More pizza please!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

One's Room

I can't believe it, but today is the last day my little guy will be in the "infants room" at daycare.  I swear I'm in denial.  We have all grown to love the teachers in the infants room so much and I still can't fathom them not being a part of Liam's everyday.  I really don't know what I would have done without them this past year.  I remember the first day I dropped Liam off like it was yesterday.  I was so nervous and for a good two weeks cried about the whole thing.  Luckily, his teachers were patient, kind and Liam grew to LOVE them.  They know exactly what they are doing and truly come to love each one of those kids as it were their own.  On a positive note, two of his teachers babysit for us all the time, and we plan to keep that up so even if Liam can't spend his everyday with them, at least he will get to spend plenty of evenings with them.  I've heard the "One's room" teachers are just as fabulous and I'm sure a year from now I will be saying the same thing about them, but I guess when you become so attached to people that help you raise that first baby it is hard to let them go.  Thankfully they will be right next store raising the next batch of little one's, so we can pop our head in any time and say hi.

This was me dropping Liam off on his first day of daycare.  He's so tiny here!

 Liam was out with the chickenpox when his class photo was taken, so josh doctored up the photo a bit and stuck Liam in :)  

Monday, May 21, 2012


We just got back from a fabulous weekend in Virginia.  We had decided a few months back to fly up this weekend to visit Josh's nona and pop pop.  Luckily for us, it just happened to be the weekend that one of the family members also graduated college, so it ended up being a huge family reunion weekend.  Liam did great.  He was obsessed with the airplane and could not get enough of looking out the window and smiling for all the people.  He was quite the ham.  In fact, he was so excited to be on that plane,  I was worried that he wouldn't sleep, but sure enough about 10 minutes after the plane took off (both times) he was fast asleep.  Something about the hum of the plane and the slight movement that just knocks him out.

Once we arrived in Virginia, Liam was ecstatic to see his Captain and Nona and of course fell in love with his biz nona (great grandma) and pop pop all over again.  He even started saying "pop pop" before the weekend was over.  His favorite activities this weekend involved running around biz nona's house on his walker while she chased him on her walker (she just recently broke a bone in her foot so has to use a walker for now).  It was a riot and fortunately we caught it on camera.  He also enjoyed having lunch out with the whole family in Alexandria, strolling around town, playing at the water fountains in town, and finally playing with all of biz nona's instruments.  In fact, he was having such a great time, that we could NOT get him to nap on Saturday.  He just didn't want to miss any of the action.

We are happy to be home and in our own beds now, but look forward to our next trip soon.

Waiting for the train at the airport

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


And we are officially taking steps.  Last week he took a couple small ones here and there and I was able to capture the tail end of it on video.  Looking at this video now though, it doesn't even do it justice. In just a week's time, he went from cautiously taking one or two "falling steps" to now taking 3-4 steps quite often.  Just yesterday I picked him up from daycare and they said he took his first steps for them as he was trying to get from one toy to the next.  Today when I dropped him off, we walked in holding hands and then he let go and took 4-5 steps over to his toy.  He is definitely VERY unstable and I have a feeling it will still be weeks before we can even consider him "walking", but it's a start and it is amazing the amount of pride I feel for him!

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Very Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was my fabulous 2nd mother's day.  Last year's mother's day was such a blur as I had a 1 month old and didn't know which end was up :)  This year, was great.  I got to sleep in, enjoy some downtown while Liam took 2 long naps and then we all headed out to my parent's house that afternoon/evening for dinner, wine, and cousin play time.  Liam has become a MASTER at his push toy lately and literally ran all over his grammy and grandaddy's house while his cousin's chased him.  It was nice to have some "built-in" babysitters while the rest of us sipped our wine and relaxed.

Forgive me, for I have not showered here

"The moms"  Me, my mom and my sister