Friday, November 16, 2012

Mountain Bliss

Josh and I just got back from our little getaway this past week and it was fabulous.  I was definitely a little anxious about leaving as we have only left Liam overnight a handful of times and it never gets easier.  I will say that Liam is so in love with his Nona and Cap Cap right now that I knew he would be fine, so that helped ease my anxiety quite a bit.

For 3 whole days, Josh and I: slept in, took naps, got pampered at the spa, took hikes, read books, watched movies, had fabulous dinners, read the paper at breakfast and just CHILLED OUT.


Of course by our last day I was missing our little guy like crazy, so even though I was bummed to leave, I was equally anxious to get home.  Liam was VERY excited to see us and for the first hour was so hyped up about was really cute. After about an hour though, the excitement had worn off and we had a little bit of a rough evening getting him back in the swing of things and the rules that mommy and daddy make him follow.  I think he was very much liking the rule-free house that Nona and Cap Cap gave him :)  It only took a couple days though and he is now pretty much back into the swing of how things work at home.

We can't thank Nona and Cap Cap enough for letting us take this much needed trip.  Crazy to think that the next time they will be in town will be for the birth of our baby girl!

Dinner night 1

Sunset Rock Hike - as easy as this hike was NOT that easy at almost 8 months pregnant!

The hubs

Gorgeous view...wish it wasn't so dark

Love, love this pic (even if it is dark)

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