Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Cheeseburger Diet

So I went for what I thought was my final dress fitting today.  Yes, I realize scheduling my appointment only a few short days after my bachelorette party AND while its my time of the month may not be the best combination, but hey I had been thinking skinny thoughts all day so I thought I was in the clear.  

I arrive at the store (again, thinking skinny), and head on back to the alterations department.  As they bring the dress out I immediately regret having that delicious piece of strawberry shortcake last night.  I proceed to step into the dress and pull it up.  What happens next is best described in dialogue:

Alterations lady (From here on out I'll refer to her as AL for abreving reasons): "Turn around, let me have a look at the corset". 

As I turn around I only pray that it was my short arms that were the reason I couldn't come close to fastening the corset myself.

Me: "Um, Ok."


Me: "What?  Did I lose so much weight that now you have to sew in an extra hook and eye on the inner side of the corset?"  

AL: "NO!  I can't even fasten the outer buttons"

Me: "Oh"
Hmm...that's strange.  I swear I thought skinny all day

AL: "Have you lost ANY weight?!"

Me: "Well, I, er,"

AL: "What have you been eating then?"

Immediately I flash back to 2AM Saturday night while stuffing my face with an oversized checkers cheeseburger and fries.  As I contemplated telling the truth or lying and saying "salads", my oh so helpful sister chimes in with a chuckle and says "Chocolate!"

Great.  Thanks Molly.  My secret is officially out.  No, I have NOT been a crazy bride watching everything I eat.  Sure, I like to talk about how I can't eat this or I shouldn't eat that, but in the end when a beautiful piece of chocolate chip cookie cake is placed in front of my face I'm going to have a piece.  And when I finish that piece, I'll go back for seconds.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I want the good chairs

Ok, so I am officially getting married one month from today (heavy breathing), which is why I've decided to blog for the remainder of my journey.  Overall, I would consider myself as being fairly sane during this entire process.  In fact, all seemed peachy and easy until about a month ago when I was introduced to the wonderful world of rentals....

Before I go any further I would like to say that I am getting married in Charleston which apparently is the number 2 place in the U.S. to get married behind (you guessed it) Vegas.  That said, all prices are so inflated in Charleston that even a freaking tent could potentially send you into bankruptcy for years to come.  So, back to my story....about a month ago my fiance and I were in Charleston going over some plans with our planner.  We had a full day planned which ended at the "rentals" facility.  After stepping inside, both Josh and I were overcome and wowed at the size of the place.  There were pillows, plates, glassware, silver, anything and everything you've ever wanted to rent (or own for that matter) in one place.  We started with plates "this one is $.10 a plate, and this china is $1.00 a plate."  Um, no question..."we'll take the "chipper chicken" $.10 white plates please."  Done.  Next item, glassware.  Again, "this one is $.10 a glass or this one is $.75 a glass".  Well who the heck is going to care what the glass looks like, as long as it is getting alcohol into their body..."we'll take the $.10 glasses".  Done.  Now onto the chairs (insert Jaws type music here).  It started once again as the previous two items with "this chair is $1.50 a piece".  Ok, not bad and definitely affordable.  Next I was fully expecting to see the same sort of chair with maybe a cushion that added to the pricing, but what happened next is hard for me to describe.  Basically our planner held up the most beautiful looking chair that seemed to glisten in the light.  It was elegant, classy, and had Meghan Murphy written all over it.  Then the words I will never forget, "and this chair is $8.50 a chair".  WHAT?!  $8.50 for one measly chair! I mean common, besides being gorgeous and perfect what did they have that the others didn't?  I seriously felt as though something inside me had died and for what....a CHAIR?!  That is when I knew that I was just as crazy as the next bridezilla.

Well, in the end,  I went with the $1.50 chairs.  I often still dream about the good chairs and whenever I pass by a venue or wedding I find myself peeking in to see if they have the good chairs.  And 9 times out of 10, they do.  

Monday, July 27, 2009


Just a quick test to make sure this works!