Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bring On The Pink!

We are having a girl!  I can't believe it and am still sort of in shock.  I will say that when we went for our 12 week testing a while back, they told us they THOUGHT it was a girl but they weren't 100% sure.  Then yesterday at our 21 week ultrasound the tech told us that she sees a lot of patients that are told that at their 12 week and then it turns out to be the other sex.  Soooo, before we even started I was convinced all over again we were having a boy.  Of course she proceeds to do the entire ultrasound first and then saves the gender for the very end.  Everything looked great and more than anything, we are most thankful that we are having a healthy baby.

As for the gender, we are just thrilled beyond measure to have one of each as this is more than likely our last.  In addition, I know that my mom was rooting for a girl because she has always wanted one of her own daughters to have a girl.  All these years she has saved knitted sweaters and booties, etc, that her grandmother had made and I can't tell you how excited I am to go through all those items with her and share in that special memory.  I also know my mother-in-law who only had one child is ecstatic to have a girl to shop for and play with.  All around it was meant to be and everyone is anxious to meet her in late January/early February.

Last time around we waited to find out the sex of our baby and it was a very exciting moment for Josh to be able to announce our baby and our sex all at the same time to our family.  So this time around, I wanted to do something special for the announcement rather than just calling my family on the phone.  Obviously we would have loved to do the same thing for Josh's family but seeing as they are in New Jersey it just wasn't possible.  So, I decided to have my family over for dinner last night and depending on what the sex was, I was either going to wrap up a little boy outfit or a little girl outfit and have my mom open it.  Below is a small snip-it of the video I took.  My Aunt Nancy also happened to be visiting so she is the one sitting next to my mom.  It was a great moment! (oh and the cute puppy in the window is my sister's new cute is she!  Obviously she wanted in on the action too)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Balloon Crazed

This video pretty much speaks for itself.  Liam is infatuated with balloons.  He gets one every time we go to Publix or "stoooore" (aka store) as he calls it and that probably explains why going to the store is one of his favorite things to do.

The other day on the way home he started going nuts in the backseat and I could not stop laughing.  I finally came to a red light and as I was stopping was able to convince him to do it one more time.  Talk about energy!